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How to file a claim with RouteUpdated 2 years ago

Claiming Damages via Route

When you receive your shipment, please check its condition immediately. Your goods are always carefully packed, but if they have suffered any damage along the way you can file a claim easily via Route’s website or app. It’s as simple as a few multiple choice questions and sending a photo if needed! 

Please note, often it is easy to overlook small damage, scuffs, or impacts inflicted on boxes during transit… it is VERY IMPORTANT to note there was damage to your shipping box or envelope (no matter how small) or Route may not honor a damage claim. 

Route may want to inspect all articles for insurance reimbursement. Please note that claims may not be honored if this procedure has not been followed. Keep all packing and damaged items until your claim has been resolved and closed.

Claiming Loss via Route

If your order is significantly delayed, stuck in transit, or no longer tracking, it could be lost. To file a claim for a lost shipment via Route, please proceed to Route’s website via the link in your Route email or the app. 

For domestic shipments: You may file a lost package claim no earlier than seven days and no later than 30 days from the date of the last tracking update (US/Canada) or 60 days from the shipping date. 

For international shipments: You may file a claim no earlier than 20 days and no later than 30 days from the date of the last tracking update or 60 days from the shipping date. 

Claiming Theft via Route

If your shipment has been marked as delivered via it’s tracking number, but you have not received it, it may have been stolen. Please be SURE this is the case before filing your claim. Most often we find parcels first claimed as stolen resurface once personal inquires are made to members of the household or neighbors. To file a theft claim, proceed to to Route’s website via the link in your Route email or the app. 

You may file a theft claim no earlier than 5 and no later than 14 days from when your package was marked delivered.

*Orders over $100 USD require a police report. Please explain to the police you have a stolen package, and Route, your package insurance company, requires a police report. Once filed, you will send Route the police report number and a PDF file via the Route website.

Incorrect Delivery Claims via Route

If the correct address was entered at checkout, but the package was delivered to the wrong address, Route considers this as stolen and will honor a claim as such. 

Route General Policies

Please visit this link to view additional Route policies to include their “General Policies” which includes information pertaining to claim denials, exclusions, orders placed using payment installment companies, delivery delays and more. It is your responsibility to be aware of these policies. 

Route Denied My Claim

If Route denied your claim, but you think it should have be covered, please reach out to us. Please note your order number, the reason for your claim, all photos and all claim information Route has provided to [email protected]. We will review your claim and respond in 24-48 hours. 

I did not purchase Route at checkout, and I have an issue.

If you did not purchase Route’s insurance, Quirks is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage incurred during the delivery of your package. When you opted out of purchasing Route’s coverage you agreed to these terms as noted in the pop up you interacted with before ordering.  

"Route Insurance protects your order from shipping mishaps like damage, loss, or theft. Keep this option selected to protect your purchase."

For future orders, Route is a service we are happy to offer. Route Insurance protects your entire order from disappointing shipping mishaps like damage, loss, or theft. By deselecting (deleting) Route from your orders, Quirks will no longer responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items in your order. Route is extremely affordable, just a small percentage of your order protects its entire value. Keep this option selected and protect your purchase. 

If your order was shipped via USPS Priority, UPS, or FED you may file a claim on your own behalf via their website or procedures. It is your responsibility to research these options, as Quirks will not participate in the process. Quirks is not responsible if these claims are honored or not. 

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