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How to track international shipmentsUpdated 2 years ago

We primarily use Global Post for our international shipments. Here's how tracking and updates work: 

- You place your order on our website. 

- We pick, pack, and process your label.

- Your shipment, with its Global Post tracking number, goes into our international container to await pickup. 

- At this time, our international containers are picked up every two to three weeks. 

- Upon pickup, your parcel is taken to the US Customs facility in New York for processing out of the United States. 

- Customs processing can take up to 14 days. 

- Once your parcel has processed through customs, it will make its way to your country to process through receiving customs. 

- Your home country will process the parcel through customs and pass it off to your local postal service. 

- Final delivery is handled by your country's postal service. 

International shipments can arrive as quickly as two weeks and be delayed as much as 12 weeks. We, unfortunately, cannot make things move faster for you. 

You can track all international shipments at, using the tracking number we provided you in your shipment confirmation email. Please do not use the USPS tracking site. 

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