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International ShippingUpdated 2 years ago

We can ship to virtually any address in the world. However, there are some restrictions, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations. Here are some of those issues: 

1. We cannot ship any product sold on our website outside of the brooch category to regions outside of North America. If you are interested in purchasing Lori Mitchell figurines, Johanna Parker collectibles, Spicher and Company artwork or floor vinyls, or anything else that is not a brooch, please reach out before ordering as your order will require special attention and adjusted shipping rates. 

2. Currently, the United States Postal Service has suspended shipping to Australia. We are still able to ship to our guests Down Under, however, the services have become more expensive, so shipping rates have adjusted up. If you don't wish to pay $25 for your shipment to Australia, please select "hold my order" at checkout, and we'll hang on to your order until shipping rates return to "normal".

3. There are a number of countries that we cannot ship to. For a full list of these areas, please visit

4. We utilize Global Post, UPS, and DHL to ship internationally. If you'd prefer we use UPS or DHL for your international shipment, please email us prior to placing your order to arrange for additional shipping fees. 

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