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Yes, you should ABSOLUTELY opt in for Route Package Insurance. Here's why.Updated 2 years ago

We know it's a little weird to think of insuring your shipment from us, but have you been paying attention the last several years? We don't think anyone had murder hornets, global pandemics, snail-paced shipping, or an increase in porch piracy on their bingo cards. So let's give ourselves a break and opt in for package insurance.

We work with Route, who is backed by Lloyd's of London, to offer tracking and insurance for all domestic and international shipments. Route is a third-party service, meaning, we don't own the company or get a stake of any of their business. The beauty of Route is that they provide insurance that protects your entire order from disappointing shipping mishaps like damage, loss, or theft. Route is automatically applied to your cart with each purchase at By deselecting (deleting) Route from your cart, Quirks is no longer responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items associated with your order. The service is extremely affordable, starting at $0.98, and scaling up by a small percentage for orders that are over $75 USD. 

We've had excellent feedback from guests using Route and had an excellent experience ourselves. We fully vouch for this service. Please keep this option selected at checkout if you'd like to protect your purchase. 

After you’ve placed your order from Quirks, you will recieve a second email from Route with your Route ID, details of your coverage and additional tracking features. Please keep this email handy as it will make submitting any damage claims easier if needed. If you do not see a message from Route shortly after your order confirmation, please check your spam folder. 

Additionally, you’ll also receive access to Route's free mobile app where you can visually track all of your online orders in one place, in REAL TIME! So you never have to wonder where your order is. We highly recommend downloading it, as many independent retailers use this service and it puts all of Route’s services in one, easy to manage place. 

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